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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A World Without Books

"Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone" - Tribute to a Reader 

I read a quote by an unknown author somewhere that said “anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book”. I have experienced books change the person I am time and again. I have lived a thousand lives; survived travesties in some and died for my lover in the other; I am passionate and irrational in some and mighty scornful in others; I have been a fashion diva with stilettos that sound to kill in one lifetime and a dwarf who loved a princess in some other…

“Man does not live by bread alone” - When Pandora Poikilos (aka Dora) dished out this topic for me, for her delicious Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour, I couldn't think of anything else but the above picture. Look at it - its priceless! I captured this image during a leisurely satiating post dinner stroll on the streets of Uptown Manhattan. The image is of a homeless man's heavily treasured and protected area. All his possessions are what you see in it - A glass of water and books. I couldn't help but wonder about this man - what happened when his home was taken away from him - did he just hold on to his books and walk away? What happened when he lost the last bit of money he had - did he smile and turn the page? How did it matter to him what happened to Lisbeth Salander in Larsson's sordid descriptions or what John Adam's went through during George Washington's presidential rule, when all that he was left with was some print and water?? Life was not really over for him but I was sure it would be if someone took away the last of his possessions - Books. The world would actually end...

Again dear readers this topic and my write up is a part of the Blog-A-Licious Tour by Pandora Poikilos. Please stay tuned to the following blogs for more on this topic... Sonia's  post follows mine and I am so looking forward to it.