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Hand in hand for eternity

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Year Into The Path That Chose Me

I know I know it is absolutely wrong to oversell, even more so to bore your followers and readers but (biting nails) my fingers have a will of their own. Stop them if you can - they are just flying all over this keyboard like raving lunatics! All they want to express is the feeling of nervousness mingled with sheer rejoice at having spend the year 2013 with Social Potpourri. After all these were the same fingers that typed and deleted the first ideas that came forth from my head. These very same villains clicked on "send" on the numerous contracts that we signed during the formation of the company.
There have been a number of downs too - that is true. But neither I nor you would like to dwell on them would we? Those were lessons learned that helped us grow and here we are... We created yet another rudimentary video (thank you apps) of our journey. It's been nerve wracking to think back at the plunge we took and even more so to imagine the future. We have no idea where we are headed or where we want to be but here we are for NOW

Stay with us dear friend. I will take you with me in all my triumphs and never let a whimper of failures touch you... Cheers to all that awaits!