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Hand in hand for eternity

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Mom Knows

I have been sharing each passing second of my daughter, Agni's, developments with friend and business partner Sulekha Rawat. The latest being the separation anxiety that sets in with the beginning of school. Let me be honest and confess here that this syndrome made much deeper impressions on me and my soul than Agni's. Nonetheless she suffers unimaginably. Sulekha Rawat, the most fantastic Mom and daughter ever, wrote this to comfort me and it touched the deepest corner of my heart! Here is what she wrote:

Mommy Don’t Leave…

I wake up with a heavy heart, 
Don’t like the morning time.
Dread opening my eyes,
Bury my head in the pillows, instead.

I know what happens next,
I drag myself into her room.
My angel sleeps so peacefully,
a smile on her rosy lips.

She puts her arms around me,
And wishes me a happy morning,
But then her face crumples up,
I can see terror in her eyes.   

She remembers its school-time now,
And mummy will take her there.
She feels threatened among the strangers,
In her heart there is a fear.

What if Mommy leaves her ,
And goes away for three hours?
How will she find her mommy,
in the crowd of strangers?

The little girl is scared to let go,
Of her mum’s hand,
She feels safe with her and,
has been her world for so long.

For two and a half years,
They have been a team.
Their bond solid yet so fragile,
Their love so comforting,
and supreme.

When mommy leaves her baby,
and walks away towards her car.
The desperate longing in the baby’s eyes,
Tears at her aching heart,

But they both have to be strong,
Be brave for each other.
It’s only a matter of time,
till the tables are reversed.

Now the mommy will cry,
when the baby sighs.
“I don’t want to go home,
I want to remain at school.
I want to play with my friends,
I like being here.
At home I get so bored,
So please leave me here.”

So cheer up Mommy and Baby,
You are in for a roller-coaster ride.
Enjoy the highs and lows,
Yell with glee and pride.

God bless you both and,
Sulekha Rawat (top left) with Mom and daughter
 long after their separation battles are over
I wish and pray,
That he keeps you safe,
night and day.

P.s. I know daddy loves his angel equally but this poem is about the mom’s experience at the school with the baby. So Daddy kindly understand J

Sulekha aka Lucks