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Hand in hand for eternity

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Calling


I hear a calling. I hear it as soon as I wake up in the morning and it lasts throughout the day. It’s a pleasant distraction in the quiet hours of the morning newspaper, an addictive humming during my commutes, a welcome mat when I return home and a lullaby when my eyelids get heavy. I see before me a path unfolding itself, opening out as I walk, green pastures or fields of marigold. I see myself armored in a desert – still walking, still humming that tune. I see myself create an inheritance for posterity, a foundation for the needy, a bridge for people separated. I hear the rumble of footsteps getting closer almost drowning the faint buzz of discontent! I hear the applaud of the gathered world while someone far away draws the curtain to keep the light away. I strain to hear the buzz, trace the unhappy. But I realize with joy that on this path I can only walk on one direction. I can look back but cannot retrace. I hear a voice telling me to focus and I do. I am headed towards  

Have you ever felt this strongly about something? Do you think I should heed to the calling?