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Hand in hand for eternity

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nurture to be Nurtured - duhhhh!!!!

The headline is a lesson more relevant to "Blogosphere" than life, but it really seems to spill over onto many situations in both. Okay I think I am going to cut the chase here and get to the point. It’s been a while I took my leave from Blogosphere – it’s been so long that I started wondering whether the agency actually had given me a one- way ticket. The feeling was gnawing and I started to fear my absence in that zone.

Some of the nagging doubts seemed too close to being real – “What if my friends forget me there?”, “What if followers are too used to seeing that lock on 'howabouthis'?”, “What if I was labeled a sporadic wannabe without any loyalty?” The doubts created a nice and thick blanket of insecurity around me and I was just too scared of shedding it and buying that return ticket!

And then one day his voice reverberated in my head, the voice of ‘Blogos’, God of the blogging world. Nurture to be Nurtured – he said. I saw a vague vision of him – his lips curled into a smile, his lashes blinked and exposed kind large eyes swimming with words and knowledge! Then there was light and the darkness went away.  and the dawn matured into a beautiful autumn day. I felt needed rather than needy. And what a feeling that was. Nurture to Nurtured – duh – but of course I knew that one!

So to my 117 followers I return today with an apology and a promise. It’s a promise to always be there when you come knocking; a promise to be ready for you just in case, even if you are not planning a visit; a promise to visit you even if life here in this world takes over for it is you who make my blogging world and it is you who can take it away.

Having said the above – here is a question. Is that being opportunistic in some level? Is that like a give and take? Is that saying I will not give if you don’t take or vice versa? Maybe not – because this is what Blogosphere is made of – a lifeline of support. There is nothing else that keeps us together and going. And after all if you need a plant to bloom into a flower you will have to make sure it survives.

I know not if this is a good return but it is one nonetheless and with this I have bought my ticket back. My door will be answered from this day onwards – I will eagerly wait to see you arriving.