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Hand in hand for eternity

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Here's to Sulekha

I read an invitation to a tempting call to write at and this is what it said:
Let's make a collage of articles.
 You are invited to my collage making event. All you need to bring to the event is your article on soul mates. Do you believe in soul mates? How and where can you find your soul mate? Does everyone have one?
 If you are interested in helping me make this collage, then Please leave your name and blog link at the bottom of the page, before 7th September.

How could I not respond to this call from someone who actually fits quite well into my imagination of a soulmate. Sulekha completes my sentences and thinks my thoughts for me. Check her blog out at And here’s to her…

I am to Soulmates what an ant is to alphabets! I am told that soulmates as the name suggests is a mate of your soul – a mate that stays with you in one form or the other in every physical lifetime but is a constant lover in the ethereal world - a world that I have no remembrance of in this state of my existence.

So being the practical ant that I am, I seem to concentrate largely on my mate in this world; my lover and husband here in Earth. For the time being he is the be all and end all of my entire existence. And just in case he is not my Soulmate my heart and head asks me not to look for who is immediately. He will come when he has to and I will deal with him then.

Having said that, contrary to most romantic ideologies about soulmates, I am extremely nervous about meeting this guy. I like the warm and fuzzy feeling of comfort with my existing (let’s just say) “world mate”. I feel dizzy even imagining someone disrupting what we have here. I have put my heart and soul in this relationship – absolutely NOT to find out that my soul was only humoring me when we worked in partnership!! Surely it knew all along who its mate is. Was it actually laughing at my futile attempts then?? Was I really working on someone who was thrown my way to tide over this world only to return to someone else in the next???

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Well it’s all very confusing to me. I just want to be with people I know and have learnt to love. I am not comfortable with drastic changes and believe that I may just abhor whoever my Soulmate is for disrupting my life like that. “Common SOULMATE – I HAVE A CHILD WITH THIS MAN!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!?” What’s worse – apparently I won’t even be able stop myself from falling in love with this spoilt sport!

And here is another thought – an amateur in spirituality – I am led to believe that all human beings are a part of one great soul. DO I need to elaborate more on this? You get my drift right SM? We are one anyway – so stop looking for me. Please stay at peace knowing I am already you and you me. What’s more – my “World Mate” and baby are a part of you too. It may be an unfortunate thought to you but really we are all one. Let’s stand united in this belief okay?