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Hand in hand for eternity

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Here's to Sulekha

I read an invitation to a tempting call to write at and this is what it said:
Let's make a collage of articles.
 You are invited to my collage making event. All you need to bring to the event is your article on soul mates. Do you believe in soul mates? How and where can you find your soul mate? Does everyone have one?
 If you are interested in helping me make this collage, then Please leave your name and blog link at the bottom of the page, before 7th September.

How could I not respond to this call from someone who actually fits quite well into my imagination of a soulmate. Sulekha completes my sentences and thinks my thoughts for me. Check her blog out at And here’s to her…

I am to Soulmates what an ant is to alphabets! I am told that soulmates as the name suggests is a mate of your soul – a mate that stays with you in one form or the other in every physical lifetime but is a constant lover in the ethereal world - a world that I have no remembrance of in this state of my existence.

So being the practical ant that I am, I seem to concentrate largely on my mate in this world; my lover and husband here in Earth. For the time being he is the be all and end all of my entire existence. And just in case he is not my Soulmate my heart and head asks me not to look for who is immediately. He will come when he has to and I will deal with him then.

Having said that, contrary to most romantic ideologies about soulmates, I am extremely nervous about meeting this guy. I like the warm and fuzzy feeling of comfort with my existing (let’s just say) “world mate”. I feel dizzy even imagining someone disrupting what we have here. I have put my heart and soul in this relationship – absolutely NOT to find out that my soul was only humoring me when we worked in partnership!! Surely it knew all along who its mate is. Was it actually laughing at my futile attempts then?? Was I really working on someone who was thrown my way to tide over this world only to return to someone else in the next???

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Well it’s all very confusing to me. I just want to be with people I know and have learnt to love. I am not comfortable with drastic changes and believe that I may just abhor whoever my Soulmate is for disrupting my life like that. “Common SOULMATE – I HAVE A CHILD WITH THIS MAN!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!?” What’s worse – apparently I won’t even be able stop myself from falling in love with this spoilt sport!

And here is another thought – an amateur in spirituality – I am led to believe that all human beings are a part of one great soul. DO I need to elaborate more on this? You get my drift right SM? We are one anyway – so stop looking for me. Please stay at peace knowing I am already you and you me. What’s more – my “World Mate” and baby are a part of you too. It may be an unfortunate thought to you but really we are all one. Let’s stand united in this belief okay?


  1. Kriti, your world mate is your soul mate otherwise you wouldn't be asking SM to stay away.You are one lucky lady my Mitr, thank you for participating in my collage making event and for adding another dimension to it :)

  2. First thing is you have been missed, welcome back and take off your coat and stay awhile!!
    This was a totally unique look at the subject lol. It does make sense how many times do we think we have found our soul mates?? Especially when were young, some of us have the unfortunate experience of marring that person. Only to find out that oh oh this was a mistake and then thats when we find our real soul mate. So until someone publishes the soul mate for dummies book we will need to keep searching !!!
    As usual you make us think while putting a smile on your face.
    If your husband is like most men , he might be wondering right about now lol

  3. So if someone can complete your thoughts, you can know what the person is going through even though your not with that person, if you can read the thoughts behind the written words, is that one's soul-mate?

  4. Oh Kriti,I was reading this and I started laughing...geez, you're the only person warding off your soul mate...ahahaha...and it's important to note that your world has already find solace in the arms of your please...stay away soulmate...geez...

  5. @Mitr - well I surely do hope so. THank you so much for giving me the opportunity of putting my fears out there : )

    @Jim - yes I intend to stay a while this time (if you will have me : )))) I just love your meaningful comments Jim - puts me in a conversational mood ever so often. Thank yo so much!

    @Priya - you are so asking the wrong person. I am an expert in the "world mate" kinda guy. Any questions there?

    @Melissa - well what can I say - so glad this made you laugh : ))) Thanks a ton for coming by...

  6. I always wonder about the term soul mate and what it means...does it mean there is only one in a lifetime..and only one at that specific time...does it mean a soul mate is of the opposite sex...for me I believe there are many soul mates in ones lifetime..I do not believe it is of the opposite sex..I believe it is someone who is truly in your soul..who loves you and you love forever wherever life may take don't worry about your world mate..his place is safe with you and you with him...As always...XOXOXOXO

  7. Can we truly have a soul mate in the world and if so what are the chances of us meeting them in the rather large population of fellow humans? Sound terribly cynical dont I, apologies offered love the post as always

  8. I have a few soul friends. Not many, a little less than you can count on one hand.

    “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.” ~ Aristotle

    How many souls do you know who fit this description?

  9. @Bongo - I am so thrilled you came and added to my already existing dilemma - Why do we think soulmates are of the opposite sex. Its photocopy always being referred to as xerox. Thank you friend!

    @Charles - No need for apologies - especially when your thoughts seem to be exactly the same as mine. Well more or less at least. Thank you so much for coming by.

    @Debra - Good for you girl! I may have the same number myself but just haven't learnt to identify them for myself. You are fantastic! Thank you so much!

  10. Yeah, sorry I can't get with this seeking a soulmate idea.
    Seems to me that if one is seeking one's soulmate, then it hints of some unsatisfied need in one's present relationship. Perhaps if we concentrated more on our personal relationship with our world partner we may find over time they become our soulmate.

  11. Ahhh Jim - you know some of the believers may just kill people like you and me. Thrashing their dreams like this - I don't want to judge just yet though - just play safe and take a day at a time : ))) Thank you so much for coming by...

  12. Hi Kriti!
    I am afraid I agree with Jim. My marriage has taken lots of work over the years and if I had been wondering if he was my soul mate, I might not have worked so hard to live with him. Thank goodness we were so in love when we first married, that by the time the newness wore off, we realized we were committed to the long term us.

    Interesting post!

  13. Wonderful ideas here Kriti! I, like you, have found a wonderful union with my earthly husband and cannot imagine my world, here or otherwise, without him. I don't know how I feel about soul mates. Sometimes I wonder if they are just another human invention to give us something to hope for, or to make us feel discontent with that which we already have. And if we do have a soul mate, could we have more than one? Thank you for your thought provoking post! ~ Suerae

  14. Nice to see you writing again :) Pffft... soulmate ... really ? I guess with those few words you can see I am not a soulmate person. Enjoyed your humor in this post...

  15. @Cath - so glad to hear that! I see there are lots of people there who agree with me then - Feels good. Thanks a ton for coming by.

    @Suerae - Great ideas in your comment too. Love that we stand on the same plane. So glad you have found a world mate that sticks too. I guess we are just lucky to have found that : )

    @Debbie - LOL : ) THank you so much for visiting and commenting.

  16. Kriti loved your take on this. Very different and funny. Believe me your husband or your world mate is your soul mate. There is no other sinister man lurking around the corner to disrupt your life. LOL!

  17. Interesting post.
    Finding a soulmate takes the courage to be yourself and to be truthful. :D

  18. kriti: what about your symbiotic double? like soul mate, are you going to put him/her/it on your world mate's shoulder? a friend of mine lost one of his ears in an accident because, he believed, he had plucked the ear-shaped leaf on a plant which, he was sure, was his symbiotic element. symbiotic doubles are supposed to exist to each other's advantage. but then ear-losing exceptions are always there.

  19. @Rimly - I certainly hope so : ))) Thanks for coming by my friend

    @Mari - I don't know if I will ever have the courage to face a soulmate - so I might just agree with Rimly and find peace in that thought : ) Thank you for your comment!

    @Bou - what more complications!!! How could this be????

  20. An over-rated and reacted term, probably?

  21. @Sourav - yes there maybe some truth in that : ) Thank you for coming by.