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Monday, March 18, 2013

A Trendy Trend?

So lately I have been screaming "Safety" from rooftops! There may be a little selfishness involved with this act of mine, a little desperation too. I am selfish because more than the safety of the people I am preaching to, I desperate to be proud of my country. There was a time when I would defend it in the face of an insult and internally claw the person concerned till his face was unrecognizable but I feel defeated at the face of the current situation! There also was a time when I hid embarrassing national occurrences from the world and smiled a fake pride to shoo them away. I realize now that stage has been taken away from me. I stand a ground of reality caked with savagery. And hence the screaming - the screaming inside and outside! 

It was in the midst of all this chaos that I found an opportunity to organize a bloggers meet for a company called SafetyKart. This not only gave me an opportunity to meet my online blogger friends but also introduce them to my favourite word - and by now, I trust, you all know what that is... So it was decided a Social Potpourri Meetup it would be. After having created a really ambitious list of the bloggers I would invite, I sat there giggling at the change I would be a part of. When all these writers, thought leaders in their own purview created a buzz about proactive safety I will have changed a little of the society I thought. And as happens with thoughts like that, I walked tall... 

The S that ensure Safety
And so the days filled up with organizing the stuff that comes with an event and soon we were at the venue. The day I would mark in my calendar as "the first step" had approached. I had a team of soldiers and Vikas Bagaria backing me up completely or was it vice versa? Vikas, the managing director of the company is without doubt someone I look up to. He is the kind of guy who doesn't believe he's done a favour to the world by acknowledging women rights. He acknowledges them just as a matter of fact and respects it as much as he respects his own fundamental privilege.  

The Multi-functional Car Safety Tool

I love the innovation he has put into his portal and the thought process behind it all. The primary objective of SafetyKart is to equip one with safety in all walks of life. Here is my two cents on that - I wonder how it is that people spend hundreds of thousands to get the most expensive car, high end gadgets, a tummy tuck to go with a face lift or even just take pride in their simple being are not aware of how to safeguard the same. I wonder how they feel secure without something like the multi-functional car safety tool or defense equipment like the ones displayed under one umbrella in 
an e-commerce portal? And it is not only about them that I wonder. The cost of a pepper spray in SafetyKart is equivalent to a grain of sand even when it is not compared to the cost you may have to pay with your either your modesty or your life! Even Rathin Basu may not have had to create headlines if he had one of those!! Isn't it high time that Safety became a trend?

My personal favorite - Barton Door Block 
True to its objective SafetyKart has a calendar of CSR initiatives it plans to take up. The company will take it upon itself in equipping orphanages and Children related NGOs with Barton Door Blocks. It is the knowledge of these facts that really make one respect a company and then hold on to that desperate hope once again - the hope that I may not have to hide behind all those headlines after all.
Here is how the Barton Door Block  works -

I met some really awesome bloggers at the meet. 

Bloggers from L-R - Majulika P. Sehgal, Ekta Khaitan, Meghna Agarwal,
Awungshi Philamanzan, Deepti Pant, Rigzin Namgyal,  and Vikas Bagaria 
Meghna Agarwal, present in the audience posted this on Facebook after the meet: 
"Was great to connect with SP - Kriti Mukherjee and Sulekha Rawat and Safety Kart team at the bloggers meet. Learned about an amazing brand - SafetyKart, an eCommerce  business portal that comprises of revolutionary products that were earlier used only by B2B, now made available to consumers to ensure the safety and security of your loved ones at homes, and outdoors .....These products are damn interesting, innovative and safe to use.. you can find anything right from pepper spray, to protect women to Crush free, waterproof laptop cases, IPhone and IPad cases, safer paper cutters, temperature recorders, torches, bulky camera cases to protect them from any kind of environment. Very interesting initiative started by Vikas Bageria and team. I am sure these products will make our homes and surroundings much more safer and secure...Add Safety Kart on facebook to stay updated about their line of products.. and more..."

Some others had this to say: 

The power group from L-R - Manjulika P. Sehgal, Ekta Khaitan, 
Meghna Agarwal, Awungshi Philamanzan
Manjulika P. Sehgal  -
Awungshi Philamazan -

From L-R - Vikas Bagaria, Rishabh Malik, Arijit Ghoshal, me, 
Sulekha Rawat, Sonia Kapoor, Swati Bhattacharya 

I am looking forward to some of the other bloggers posts and will put them up here enthusiastically once I see them. Till then, outsmart the dangers awaiting you. Beat them hollow - Stay safe!