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Hand in hand for eternity

Friday, January 28, 2011

Eternity -

Welcome Void followers – Don’t come too close to me as I am eternity, don’t touch me as you may melt and become me, don’t look at me for too long or you may get hypnotized, close your senses as I may just engulf you, devour you….
I was, once just like you – a traveler. I just happened to travel here and speak with Eternity. Eternity was not me at that time – he warned me just like I am warning you now. I didn’t listen and became a part of him forever. I thought I could outsmart him but I was wrong. Eternity is beyond you or who I was then. If you like your life, then don’t stay here too long – go on and choose a door. ESCAPE…
Here’s a hint – if you take the door in the middle it takes you to a cocktail going on in Paris somewhere. The door on your right leads you to the bloggers network and the only other one left leads you to a club… A club full of talented young people – They write poetry and add richness in all’s life, bloggers network is for the readers and the party is full of life. When you are done come back to me so I can put you at ease, release your pains and free you forever. All I need to do is touch you and you and me will be numb to suffering or joy. We will be here forever – for travelers to join. Eventually this void will be the end of all the laughter and all pain and we will be big enough to rescue the universe. I will wait ….

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  1. This is a nice addition to the story! I love it.

  2. So glad you like Patricia... Didn't know if it would do justice... Thanks

  3. Great addition to the story. Eternity hold so many possibilities!

  4. Thanks a ton Sweepy! You rock too!!!!

  5. Just checking my link works across to here...sure does.

  6. Absolutely Jim - made sure of that : 0

  7. I liked the thread roy started...just came to check the further story...

  8. I'm still hand holding but from a distance peeking in. I'm certainly intrigued - you have given some interesting perspectives to this, so many choices yet possibilities - I really like what I'm reading.

  9. great part..brings to mind this insane dream I had a lot as a teenager about running down a hallway full of doors.

  10. Chapter 13 is up - Anna’s Obsession -

  11. Enchanting! I See You, Eternity. I daren't touch you but I am attracted to you. You are alluring, bewitching and enticing. I have made my choice which comprises of making the exit through the door to my left into the world of the renowned ladies club that promises to nurture me, inspire me and love me. However, I shall gladly take weekends off to the blogger's network. I am travelling now, but I shall be back to let you touch me, to join you in time to rescue the universe.
    Loved it thoroughly, Kriti. Congratulations :)

  12. Yoshay can't wait to see your chapter. thanks a ton for liking this.