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Hand in hand for eternity

Saturday, January 8, 2011

To do or not to do

Procrastination - an age old tragic flaw - a favorite of Shakespeare - a convenient temporary escape for most. Its a mental state of mind rather than a deliberate decision. They say procrastination happens when the action/result for which you are procrastinating is an undesirable one. Hence if opening that envelope means seeing a bill which will burn a whole in my pocket - lets just not open it. Its the ostrich behavior - when you can't see the world, maybe the world can't see you. But there is a huge problem - THEY CAN (AND YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THAT BILL.)

Most of us had a list of to dos when we started out on a career path - some of us a mental one and the more focused a physical laminated one. Well first of all it took me the first 6-7 years of my life to get that list. When I did, it was a scrap of paper - which I think I still may be able to fish out of a carton box somewhere. But since that is going to depress the hell out of me I will procrastinate on it and be happy for the ticked ones against the mental note. Leading that list are happy ticks against:

1. keeping in touch with all my friends
2. having a place I can call home
3. having a daughter who has changed my whole perspective of life
4. being independent at work

Procrastination is the only shell I have when faced with scary destinations. Let me stay here a while please...


  1. Thanks a ton Tuladhar! Actually written for the club but here it is anyway : )

  2. I'm a big procastinator...Things will get done sooner or later, right? Nice blog..Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Berry - always get done eventually and well done as well - so why the rush? he he! Thanks for your comment. Appreciate it!