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Hand in hand for eternity

Thursday, March 10, 2011

RD & MSW Made my day

Sometimes you just wander around in the Blogosphere and meet people that are going to make such a difference in your life. Make you smile on not so good a day. That smile often changes the course of events and sets a tone for the rest of the journey till sunset. Then on there is no looking back. Its a gesture that makes you suddenly feel all important - as if the sun would not rise till you wake up... Roy Durham made my day today and many earlier.... Here is why: Poem for me by Roy : )

A perfect addition to my perfect day. I think I have really achieved something when I can bring out the best in someone. If I have done something in creation - I am fantastic! Here is what I inspired in the awesome artist in Mari - colors in Spring. I know now that I can move things around towards the better - because she has given me the reason to believe. Thank you Mari!

Tons of love and respect to both : )


  1. Kriti - It's rare that we meet someone online and connect as friends but I feel that is exactly what has happened with us. You are a truly gifted person full of grace. Thank you and always believe.

  2. @Thanks Karina for coming by
    @Mari So true - its wonderful to know you.

  3. Agreed, did meet plenty online and became my good friends although I have not met them in person. A smile brightens our my day as well as others.

  4. Go Kriti! You deserve having a poem written about you, charming and lovely lady that you are with the huge smile and winning personality.
    I checked out Mari's exquisite site too. What an inspiration you are to many!