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Hand in hand for eternity

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It was one of those days when chores seem a pile of mountains - relentless and unforgiving. Since screaming was not an option either, I headed out to get some cigarettes. Little did I know what that trip had in store for me.

I drove to the store and parked my car on the closest space that was available. Somehow, soon after that, an eerie feeling dawned on me - A feeling of not only being watched but inspected through and through. Needless to say, that this was not doing any good to my already havocked senses. I got out – my furrowed brows met the day and with it a strange man with a set of totally crazed deep eyes.

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He looked at me and smiled knowingly. A whiff of filth passed through his parted lips. He had come way too close for a stranger. Alarmed I stepped back and tried to look warningly at him – but my face gave me away – I was petrified. His blood shot eyes pierced my very being. And all he said were three words before he turned around and went away – “You are pregnant”.

His retracing of steps flooded me with a sense of relief that I had never known before. A crazed man, talking gibberish and ruining my already ruined day. I pushed the thought at the back of my head and carried on with trembling legs towards Rite Aid. The urgency of a smoke even more now.

Once inside the store though – I just couldn’t get myself to feed my craving. The words of the man echoed in my ears till my head felt like it was going to explode. I bought a pregnancy test instead.  The 3 minutes in which it would decide my fate is worth the money and the hesitation. A “positive” or a “negative” would mean a subsequent no or yes for the smoke I intended to enjoy.

I used the Rite Aid washroom and then enjoyed my cigarette later. But I can never forget that man. There was way too much conviction in his voice. I cannot help but wonder whether he meant something else or whether the pregnant he meant was metaphorical. Funny how I never saw him after that day and had never seen him earlier in the neighborhood! Funny how everybody else around was sure they had never seen anyone like him before.

That day did something to me. I cannot put my finger on it – but that man was not lying – he was a messenger - only I could not decipher his message. Two days later – I was in the hospital donating blood for a new born who needed red blood cells. The doctor told me that my blood gave her new life.  That man’s face somehow haunted me all day that day….


  1. Freaky, but you shouldn't dwell on this dude. At least no more than to stay far away from him next time.

  2. @Anna - thanks but that's the thing - I never saw him again and I know I never will : )

  3. if that was my comment, i was joking just trying to get a raise out of you. sorry if it had more of an impact. sorry have fun and god bless.

  4. Well as you already know I am the "thinker" and I agree there was definitely a message in his "question" what exactly, hmmm I don't know.. But you found yourself 2 days later donating blood for a "baby"... How did you come about going to donate? Where you called? Did you get a flyer? A website? or a sudden urge to donate?"

    you won't see him again because he has already delivered the message, and you've already done the "deed"....

    Very interesting post, definitely thought provoking!

  5. Revelations on a metaphorical level are hardly precise, need interpretation. Our glimpses of the futuure are never certain, just scraps or keystones to be pieced together.
    He probably did sense that new life in your blood.

  6. You were pregnant with good intentions and love, donating blood saved a newborn's life. He was an angel with a message for you, loved your post.

  7. Kriti funny you mentioned this as when I was expecting my first born. I was having dinner at a chinese restaurant and this elderly man said "You are expecting a boy" I in return said " it is obvious as I am indian" he then replied laughingly " Your son will have a birthmark on his left arm which will vanish by the time he is 2" True enough my son did have that birthmark exactly where he said he would and it did vanish......
    You did a beautiful thing by giving life to a new born.He was a messenger and to just leave it at that......

  8. That is strange for sure. By the way, are you still smoking lol??

  9. Kriti,
    Woo there that was the Gods shining down on you and the new born child. You did give life to a child :) they say all children are the child of God(or something to that effect.
    I am speechless and wowed at the same time.

  10. I think this is a fiction. Anyway like it

  11. Kriti - Very appealing indeed.
    loved it.

  12. messengers come in all different looking packages....As always...XOXOXOX

  13. Spooky.. I'd check for any birth marks when born. LOL. That kind of stuff though, does freak me out.


  14. @Roy - no it wasn't but it freaked me out anyway because it was reminiscent of the incident : ). You are a Demi God compared to what the stranger looked like.
    @ Prats - right??
    @ Debbie - it was a friends baby and I was all to eager to donate. Didn't put 2 and 2 together at that time but during the process and after I couldn't get that thought out of me.
    @ Jim - I think so too and you are so right in your comment. Love that.
    @ Mitr - thanks!
    @ Savira - wow!!! Spooky right?
    @ Dede - guilty : (((
    @ Priya - reality darling
    @ Jess - thanks sweetheart!
    @ Jidhu - as long as you like it : )
    @ Bou - love you : ))
    @ Bongo - so true
    @ A - me too LOL. Freaks me out too : )))

    Thanks guys for visiting : )

  15. My gosh! That was pretty spooky. But as many have mentioned, messages come in different ways and means. Glad that the message was deciphered.

    But this definitely sounded like some thriller story.

    Joy always,

  16. Doesn't it Susan - I was definitely spooked... thanks a ton for sharing my world : )

  17. I got goose bumps reading that Kriti. Sometimes the strangest things happen. People often see beyond our imagination and when they predict it may not be the exact thing but there is always truth in it in an indirect way. Amazing! Loved reading about it.

  18. the truth is out there .. :)

  19. These are life changing experiences. I had a similar experience some years ago that changed my life in a big way. I wrote about that here.

  20. Wonderful as usual,and as Sulekha says..a disguise,or an angel... to tell u that what not to do.........wait till you reach here....and you will be blessed for this nobel cause.

  21. A little freaky, but in a good way!

  22. Gifts from God are delivered in many different shapes and forms. I believe you did receive a message, maybe not in the conventional way people want to think they would receive a message, but this is pretty clear that 'something' happened here that cannot be explained away with science. I think it is wonderful!

  23. oh kriti...your story gave me the shivers :P... he's no stranger, he's an angel... his words are lifegiving... i was reading this while at work and somehow it made me reflect on the annunciation... how will i take it if i received the same message?... geez...

  24. Kriti - At first that I thought this was a piece of fiction and then realized it wasn't. Quite an experience! Like Rimly said, I do believe there's an aspect of this that might be true. Pregnancy = Creation....A new project, book, maybe? :)

  25. I write and maintain a spiritual blog which I have titled “AccordingtotheBook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it.

  26. Surreal & meaningful experience. Enjoyed reading it, wonderful post ! :) - Preetu

  27. Imagination:good post though,bravo.

  28. Are you sure that was a man, not an ET?Life is mysterious than universe, Kirti.We can't explain every thing by our knowledge.Loved it.

  29. People try to forget my face, sadly once seen haunted forever. Hope the smoke was even better than normal.

  30. Very, very interesting! Gave me goose bumps! I'm glad you were able to donate blood and help a friend in need with her child.

  31. Yep, that stanger was a messenger alright.
    Phenomanal story.

  32. Wow that left me gasping! Fantastic story!! Is it true?

  33. Wow, what a story!!

    I couldn't find the post about the Blog Hop, so I am leaving my note here....

    BLOG HOPping around - I am now a follower of your blog, wont you also follow me?? ~KM
    Krafty Max Originals

  34. Kriti you never ever disappoint.. Your a treasure.. Loved it

  35. WOW - kinda wierd... What a freaky story...

    Lovely Blog.. I found you on the friday hop ;)) Officially following you.. Excited to get to indulge in more of your posts :)) .. Please stop by sometime - I'm Marilyn from - Happy Friday..

  36. Hi, I'm a new follower from Boost My Blog Friday hop. Hope over and say hi if you get a chance

    Wow, that's kinds freaky isn't it!

  37. Pretty... intense! I have some crazy experiences but way to lengthy for a comment : )
    Thanks for stopping by Keeping Up With The Rheinlander's!

  38. Kriti, I do not take things like that lightly. I do think people have special abilities and that he meant you were giving that baby a new lease on life. Interesting! He is indigent because his ability must be hard to live with. Then again, maybe it was all coincidence...

  39. Oh my! That was really freaky! It may hover around my mind for a while....

  40. @Rimly – thanks a ton for visiting – so glad you liked it
    @Tbaoo - : ) it is, isn’t it? Thank you!
    @Marty – thanks a ton for visiting. Going to your story now – thanks for remembering to leave the link.
    @ Alpana – thanks a ton for the kind words
    @ Ann - : ) thanks!
    @ Mary – thanks for understanding and sharing my exact sentiments
    @Melissa – How would you? Would love to know.
    @ Corinne – thanks a ton for your encouraging words. I love reading you so coming from you and Rimly it really has made my day.
    @ covnitkepr1 – wish you left a link – can’t find it on google : ( But thanks a ton for visiting
    @ Preetu – thanks a ton darling!
    @ Me – Is the truth always imaginary : )? Thanks a ton for visiting!
    @ Nirupam – I am not too sure really. You are so right. Thanks a ton for visiting.
    @Mari – thank you so much!
    @ Debra – I think so too! Thank you for coming by.
    @ Swati – thanks! You didn’t know????
    @ Krafty - Thanks a ton! Following you now too
    @ Jim – You found a treasure – yayyyy!!! Don’t forget to share the wealth.
    @ Marilyn – thanks a ton for the visit and the follow and even more for your kind words. Following you now too.
    @ Jennifer – thanks a ton for dropping by! Following you now and yes freaky as hell : )
    @ Melissa – please do share sometime – would love to read about all your experiences : )
    @ Sweepy – thanks for stopping by! Maybe it was but who knows.
    @ Jorie – Imagine what it did to me then! Thanks a ton for stopping by …

  41. It is definitely those little moments with strangers that make life much more interesting...

  42. @ Karina - SO true - thanks a ton for coming by...

  43. Kriti,

    Thanks for commenting and reading my essay on Mamalode. I really liked your story about the homeless man. He indeed was a messenger. I can relate about wanting a pack of cigarettes. I quit several years ago. Actually I have a creative nonfiction essay I wrote called, "The Last Cigarette." I quit the day I found out I was pregnant. I am looking forward to reading your blog.

  44. You are most welcome - Will check that post in your blog - sounds so very interesting!

  45. What a chilling and beautiful story. I once had a man approach me on a subway platform who looked like he had just stepped out of the 70's. He proceeded to tell me where I was born and tell me what I was going through that day. He was on so on point. He freaked me out just a bit, but I do think he was an angel. Maybe you came into contact with one too. He was just in disguise as angels often are. :-)

  46. Wow - that must have been eerie Tameka - feel like I know just what you might have felt! Thanks a ton for coming by.