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Hand in hand for eternity

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dad's Diary 18 - The Boss

I crossed the threshold, and walked right into a shattered symphony. A symphony was indeed what wafted from Abdul's words and activities. Something had gone horribly wrong.

The one thing that Man Friday Abdul hated about his boss' demeanor was his indifference to improving the quality of home comforts. 

All the officers' quarters were equipped with calling bells fitted in the kitchen and the domestic-help-quarters except this house. He had made several fruitless requests to his boss. It was a matter of prestige that the bell should summon him instead of the officer's holler. It was too demeaning for him.


In fact Abdul's persistence had led to the requisition of an electric bell from the government store. But, this being a government quarter, an electrical engineer had to oversee its installation by a departmental technician. The notorious 'red tape' had taken its toll; there was no trace of the engineer concerned. Abdul was in an explosive mood. 

In the boss' absence I offered to pay for a private electrician, and face the consequences later. An overjoyed Abdul ran out to make the necessary arrangements. The bell was fixed even before the boss' arrival back home. When he did arrive, 'krirring krirring' heralded his entry.

Next morning we waited in the living room for the cup that cheers, but there was no trace of Abdul with the tea pot. The boss lost his cool and shouted for Abdul to hurry with the tea, but to no avail. Ultimately we located him huddled up in a corner of the kitchen.

“How many times do I have to call you?” the irate boss fumed. And ignition reached the bomb-wick.

“I heard some undesirable noise,” retorted Abdul, “but I did not hear the bell ring,” adding that the bell switch was meant for the boss to push, not to add color to the wall.

“Yes, Sir,” the boss managed to say, somewhat startled. 



  1. Abdul's bell though was not fitted to add color to the walls but it surely did add color to the humor of the story. enjoyed every bit of the story. in today's world i must say it will be a luck to get someone like Abdul, loyal and dedicated:))

  2. Sancheeta - I tell you - I would have loved to have him over at my place - bell and all. THank you so much for coming by...

  3. a breath of fresh air to my MOST BORING afternoon..I miss reading yours and uncle's posts...and this one is a riot..

  4. There are some people who stick in our memory, due to their personality quirks. Abdul was a versatile worker and thinker, he never fails to surprise and amuse me. Thank you for sharing the wonderful tale. :)

  5. Abdul is a great character! Love reading about him.

  6. Hah!..ha..ha. a refreshing one,and nostalgic too.
    But where these peoples gone?The Abduls,Mansoors etc.

  7. Oh that story gave me a good laugh, hahaha... wonderful Kriti! I'll remember to push the bell :P

  8. I always look forward to your dad's diary... such colorful characters and told with so much humor and warmth

  9. LOL :) another delightful story...I like Adbul's attitude and this story very much!! :)

  10. @thank you Alpana - You love our posts like I adore your comments

    @Mitr - I so wish I had met this guy. Thank you so much for commenting!

    @Priya - : )

    @Rimly - thank you!

    @Nirupam - tell me about it. Thanks a ton for coming by

    @Melissa - yes I think that would be advisable. Thanks a ton for coming by.

    @Jim - thank you!

    @Swati - so do I : ) Thank you

  11. have a winner in Abdul...I need and Abdul..just to take up the slack and add his creative mind to my life. By the way..very good writing and Character the way you are weaving his story. OMG...Abdul should be the Boss...he gets it. Maybe a promotion is in order. Loved this Kriti...made me laugh watching his adventure of the bell unfold!

  12. I am beginning to like Abdul a lot....he has the right mix of attitude.:-)))
    great post as always!

  13. Abdul is a very wise, and funny, man! I love these posts about him.

  14. @Raven Myth - thank you so much for coming by! I really missed you here... In the meantime the story is by Tapas Mukherjee - my Dad : ). I have a long way to go before I can write like him ... I think a promotion is in order too. Thank you again!

    @Sukanya - I just think he has a whole lot of attitude : ). Thanks a ton for your comment Sukanya!

    @Mari - I do too : ) thanks a ton!

  15. hehe I guess Abdul told him, huh? Loved the story

  16. He sure did Debbie! Thank you very much!

  17. Thank you very much NJ - Both for coming by and commenting.