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Monday, March 14, 2011

Awarded and Awarding

What a beautiful world this is - Blogoshere. I even get awarded in this - unlike in Earth!!! My cyber buddies think I deserve this - unlike in Earth. I am so much more loved - unlike in Earth.

Sweepy Jean - thank you from the bottom of my heart - I have more reason to believe in myself now! Sweepy gave me a Versatile Blogger award which made me a much happier human being and one with a few responsibilities too. Thanks to her you will now have be bored with 7 things about me and then be entertained by some awards bestowed to 7 other beautiful bloggers. So here is what makes me:

1. I am a marketing consultant. The kind who always overshoots her hours and efforts for free - more because it comes naturally to her than because she loves her clients.
2. I am a confused woman - who often wants something only to pout and think over it when I get it.
3. I am in absolute love with animals - of all kinds... But consider myself a hypocrite because I eat them too : (. I am hoping next life I am born a vegetarian so I never have to taste meat again.
4. I want to be famous for being a good person - a paradoxical situation. For mostly it is when one is cut throat, competitive and wise that she/he become rich and famous.
5. I love long interesting conversations and making friends.
6. I am still stuck in many areas of my past and often struggle to let it go - not that the past was bad or cruel - but it was just the past...
7. My family tops my priority list and I consider myself handicapped without them.

And now its time for the awards. Let me start by saying, I have way more than seven blogs that I frequent and love. But I am limited to the number and am restricted by rules by which (I am guessing) I can't award someone who has already been awarded in this category. Fortunately for me though I still have plenty to mention so here goes:

1. A creative mind - by Ishaan Bhattacharya - this because he is the youngest blogger I know and is really good with expressing himself. And oh is he versatile!!!
2. Doodles on the skies above - by Joyee Bhattacharya - another young girl taking on writing with a vengeance and filling her blog up with opinions and stories. She amazes me with he versatility.
3. Debbie - I just love her style and her humor - she is amazing.
4. Roy - His goodness is reflected in the variety of subjects he writes about. The link here is his first chapter to his blog novel.
5. Yoshay - Yoshay just amazes me with her absolutely stunning style and fantastic writing.
6. Sonia - Beautiful subjects fantastically woven in words
7. Charles - The bald one always makes my day with his posts - just love them...

Cannot leave here without mentioning Eva Manya, Chokher Bali, Priyasmita, Sukanya, John Mountain, Alpana Jaiswal, Lavina Melwani, E Nina Rothe, Ardith, Bronzi, Nirupam, Dede and .... - ok ok - I am ending this now. I have to ... Enjoy : )  


  1. Hearty congratulations Kriti, most deserving. And hearty congratulations to seven of your fellow bloggers, most deserving too.

  2. @Bou - you deserved it more that I do : )
    @Rhiannon - thank you so much : )

  3. Congratulations girl! I received one too from Sweepy Jean. Made my day.

    I also congratulate all of your picks here Kriti.

    Hats off!

  4. Thanks a ton Debra! Couldn't award you because you were already awarded... Otherwise you were so going to be on that list ...

  5. Congratulations Mitr and am so happy for you. Love the seven things about you and congrats to the next seven chosen by you.

  6. Wow Kriti! Thank you! I feel immensely complimented by your overture. Love it!

  7. Loved no.7 about u Goddess, forget being disabled... we wont be here to begin with without our family... :)

  8. @Yoshay - thanks for coming by and accepting : )
    @Sheba - so true babes

  9. Deserving and appropriate,heart felt warm congrats to you.Never forget to celebrate it in a big way.Hope you're inviting me there. ha..ha

  10. Congrats, Kriti - what an innovative way of spreading love and recognition! You certainly deserve this award - you're the model citizen of Blogosphere! Thank you introducing all these special bloggers - will definitely check out their sites and spread the love.

  11. @Nirupam - thanks a ton - you are already invited as you saw : )
    @Lavina - thanks a ton Lavina!

  12. Hi!

    I'm your newest follower from the Boost my blog hop. I love your blog layout. I look forward to reading future posts.

    Feel free to check out my blog:

  13. Wow thank you so much Kriti so glad you enjoy my rantings and mumblings. I also love animals and eat em ;(

  14. @Anna - thanks for coming by. Checking your blog now
    @Charles - LOL - bad people us : (

  15. Congrats Kriti on receiving the "Versatile Blogger Award" It's a great feeling when we get rewards for our writings/musings. You definitely deserve it!!

    I am very honored that you have chosen me as one of the new receivers of this wonderful award. I couldn't stop smiling... Thank you so much! I am working on my "speech" lol (just kidding)

  16. Thanks Debbie - you are so deserving of it ... prepare that speech nice and tough : )

  17. a heart felt congratulations you for receiving the award . i am very honored by your friendship and being place among these talented writers of versatile bloggers. thank you kriti. God bless

  18. You are very welcome ROy - you deserve it all the way : ) and thank you

  19. Congratulations Kriti! And here's another token of appreciation for your wonderful blog - our blog's been tagged as "Our Blog of the Week" from 16 March to 23 March. Do keep your great posts coming!
    Cheers - Dora

  20. Dora - thanks a ton for coming by and leaving this beautiful comment.

  21. congratulations kirti. your blog posts have a different entity and are wonderful. will surely visit often. keep posting such exclusive stuff.

  22. You deserve it SOOOOOOO much :) and we were both in the same class ..kind of lol Congratulations Your the best!!!
    PS stay out of the past it can be scary!!

  23. @ Fantacy - thanks a ton - much much appreciate your comment

    @Jim - that's what i think too : ) Thanks a ton!