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Hand in hand for eternity

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letter to Jessica

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Dear Jessica,

How is Thursday going for you? Mine is beautiful so far, as beautiful as a worthy gift can and should be. Thank you very much for this priceless day. Your gift to me could be just a bunch of letters that you call a "link for Thursday dedication" over at your website, but you have no idea what it comprises for me... Below is just the tip of a very very large iceberg:

1. It means a fluttering heart and moist eyes
2. It means a smile on my Dad's lips and maybe an extra drink in the evening to celebrate
3. It means an entire dinner time conversation in the family
4. It means telepathic hugs and kisses for you each time I remember how I felt the entire day today
5. It means for me Thursday is never going to be the same again
6. It means I have more confidence in myself
7. It means I have your "Thursday Dedication" to show for my credentials as a blogger
8. It means you will be the dominant character in my head for the next few weeks
9. It means a hole in my hubby's pocket - because I am so going to demand a celebration
10. It means my hubby will so not like you for doing this

Thank you so very much dear friend...

Hope to be in touch for the rest of my life.

Sincere Regards
Kriti Mukherjee


  1. Nice letter.. Damn you even write great letters.. Is there no stopping you....I really hope not.

  2. Jim - jack of all trades - master of none : ) It keeps me going though : )

  3. Your pregnant !!! LOL have fun see you by lol god god bless

  4. Kriti - You are right; the smile spread from ear to ear. Two extra drinks - make an exception, please - that I had. I want to sign my name with request to Jess and other readers to make necessary gender adjustments. OK?

  5. Bou - you are too much - : ) It felt great really - what an honor :)

  6. Oops! Look at what happens in a state of exuberance. The last line of my earlier comment should read: I want to sign my name below your letter ....

  7. I know what you meant - that's ok - haven't you already given us enough of your beautiful writing to read and learn from : )

  8. Kriti, now you are a mystery writer? lol! I'm perplexed, but I'm thinking what Roy is thinking?!?!

  9. @ tapas patty said have another round, its on him. It's his day you know. lol bottom up God bless yee

  10. Beautiful letter Mitr, love it. You are an enigma and I am happy to know you, waiting to meet you in person soon.

  11. @ Roy - It is a delectable offer for me, but dangerous to make in Kriti's presence. She is a strict guardian, and does remote sensing of my activities here. Thanks for the offer. God bless.

  12. oh I love this - this has become a forum LOL @Sherry - Roy is just a happy man today (Patty's day you know) @Roy - don't get Dad started - LOL @Mitr - I can't wait to meet you either... : ) @Dad - yes I do and stay away from Roy's advice : )

  13. Kriti,you are amazing,I just don't know as to how you can come up with something different each time..and make it so sensational...

  14. Thanks Alpana - I try :P - not very successful all the time

  15. What a wonderful letter ,thats why i keep reading your blog kriti from your writing,and we have a story as well i can learn a new blogger dnt have much idea but i try..thanks for sharing it..

  16. Fantastic letter!! And Jess, all that applies for me too....I felt just as thrilled!! Thank you for this gift to my family.... :)

  17. How do you do it Kriti? Every time its something different. What a lovely letter.

  18. ooh well done Kriti, you deserve the dedication. I know I don't come to visit often but when I do pop in I am never disappointed

    Love to you and I should tweet this me thinks

  19. Kriti and Tapas,

    You both deserve all the love and success in the world. Thank You so much for your beautiful letter. I am glad I made your Thursday for both daughter and father to remember. I hope you had a drink for me :)
    Sorry it took me so long getting to respond to this letter, I am in OR visiting my brother and he is dragging me everywhere.
    As for your husband not liking me "oh well" he should embrace your gift for writing and push you to write more often :)
    you both have beautiful souls.
    Here is to a long and nurturing friendship :)
    I want to steal this letter and place it on the site if that is okay????? please, please, please I will link it back to you.

  20. @Chejom, thank you for thinking me worthy of that comment. You are doing great... @Swati - i know right? @Rimly - imagination runs wild - going to the doc tomorrow : ) @Sailor - thank you very much @Alejandro, you come only sometimes but each visit is a treat. Thank you so much for everything @Jess, Yes I did. My husband supports me through and through but not the holes in the pocket part - LOL. Thank you so much darling and yes please take this letter back to where it belongs @Nirupam - thank you very much!

  21. Another treat from you. Your blog is such a lovely blend of things;)

  22. Thanks Charles - love that you like it : )